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Best Zelda Character (not part of the trinity) (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link132/24 10:29AM
DB Xenoverse has 9.3 user score on MetacriticMetal_Gear_Link42/24 10:27AM
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Here's the script for Inherent Vice.HoonDing12/24 10:12AM
A Jane's Addiction 5-pack came out today (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32232/24 10:07AM
Which of the following weapons is manliest? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link102/24 10:00AM
My lips swell up when I get sickErik_P32/24 9:49AM
Why would you have a game and not beat it though?
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AlphaGuardian142/24 9:41AM
favorite diablo 3 class? (Poll)
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hahaha, pat robertson
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Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 360 Fiona Glenanne (Burn Notice) (Poll)scubasteve4252/24 9:23AM
Rate this Villain Day 358 Darkonda (Poll)scubasteve4252/24 9:23AM
for the first time in a couple years, i actually have an alt.ZiggiStardust92/24 9:22AM
Janaza: A brave pioneer or a hoax? (Poll)Dikitain22/24 9:22AM
Which of the 4 gilrss from Big Bang theory would you prefer as room mate? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link52/24 9:21AM
PSA Announcement: stop using 'turn down for what' in your promos/commercialsZiggiStardust82/24 9:21AM
Gamefaqs is pretty bad, but this is the worst I've seen it ever.
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twa556432/24 9:19AM
Turkey vs Goose (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link82/24 9:16AM
i just watched american sniper, why was this controversial
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mayu780332/24 8:56AM
The barber back home takes almost 40 minutes to cut my hairBNVshark12342/24 8:52AM