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I really hate "indie" rock band names.
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VioletZer0168/24 10:24AM
Rate this girl (Poll)
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LoneCourier2281238/24 9:35AM
PotD, recommend me a good, scary horror movie available on Netflix Instant!
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HeroofDark128/24 9:09AM
Are JRPG's, especially TBJRPG's, dying out? (Poll)
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Unbridled9858/24 8:45AM
So, This is the Kitty My Husband and I Might Get...JediMutant68/24 8:44AM
The chronicle of my day
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Lootman178/24 8:30AM
Does anyone here use Desura? I have Desura keys for Humble Indie Bundles 2 and 3Final Fantasy238998/24 8:04AM
My dentist is very attractive. (Closed)
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pipebomb__sushi278/24 7:46AM
so did the gamegrumps have a falling out or not?
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NightMareBunny148/24 7:25AM
LBX: Little Battlers Experience(Nickelodeon Anime)NightMareBunny18/24 7:18AM
Double negatives.bulbinking58/24 7:13AM
It might be because I'm a little buzzed, but I want to bang my housemate's...
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BNVshark123158/24 6:47AM
Comment your opinion on Nicki Minaj's video/song 'Anaconda'
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IAmNowGone398/24 6:42AM
These "Pranks gone wrong" videos are starting to annoy the s*** out of me
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FatalAccident188/24 6:42AM
You may not like rap, but do you think rapping well is easy?
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ESMWjot458/24 6:23AM
The song from the LotR: the Two Towers trailer is the most overused song ever.Metro288/24 6:13AM
Moving house tomorrow, quite stressed out. Talk to me.RudyBeoulve98/24 6:04AM
I thought the e-mail system in Dot.Hack was real back in the day.Dmess8518/24 5:35AM
Blue eyes are actually the most common eye color in the United States.
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ImmortalityV158/24 5:29AM
I think it's funny that Saint Louis is now considered the "Gateway to the west."UnbiasTobias48/24 4:09AM