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Do you believe games need to be fun? (Poll)
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Judgmenl311/22 6:47AM
I just saw "Interstellar" (spoilers)
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Action53121/22 6:25AM
digital copies make me not want to buy a game unless the game is like 5 dollarsNinjaGhosts101/22 6:19AM
I'm a terrible self-motivator/need jogging advice...Solid Sonic21/22 6:04AM
Lupe Fiasco's new album is so f***ing nice.ESMWjot11/22 3:51AM
Japanese Twitter users standing up to ISIS with anime memes.
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Ferarri619291/22 3:42AM
You know if Batman really were so smart we wouldn't know he's Bruce Wayne.Vicaris81/22 3:11AM
Tell me something I don't want to know.
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Gunsandredroses171/22 3:09AM
The Lone Wonderer Vs The DovahkiinSHADOW010621/22 2:39AM
Finally got Smash on Wii uJoanOfArcade11/22 1:50AM
For the chemistry wizards hereNatemac110351/22 1:49AM
Why doesn't YouTube mobile let you go out of the app?Muscles_42011/22 12:27AM
Hypocrisy of feminism and the abuse of men. and then the men who defend them!
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Ryan-061001/22 12:21AM
Should Nintendo Remove Mario and Luigi's mustache? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link181/22 12:05AM
What's a Homestuck?
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papercup111/21 11:36PM
DVD vs. Laserdisc.raymanfan151/21 11:29PM
Random excruciating heart burn!!!!AmeliaJane1611/21 10:53PM
Ghost in the Shell Singer Origa has diedMetro211/21 10:46PM
Pixar exec John Lasseter seems a bit hypocritical when he talks animationMetro231/21 10:40PM
Poor Girl with Great Personality or Rich Girl with Poor Personality (Poll)
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St_Kevin141/21 10:38PM