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How do you have on your ignore list and why? (Poll)
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Pokemon summary
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Have you ever worn a dress/skirt? (Kilts don't count) (Poll)
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trodi_911158/17 10:38AM
I hate "true evil" characters when they are over the top like BL2(spoilers)
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OmegaTomHank478/17 10:21AM
How long does it take for submissions to go through?MG_Salad28/17 10:19AM
So that "P.T." Silent Hills "playable teaser" on PS4 is pretty cool!
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ZiggiStardust168/17 10:01AM
Mario Kart Games..
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Scorp447198/17 10:01AM
I just discovered that Windows 8 disallows me to play my DVDs.
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UnbiasTobias198/17 9:37AM