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My brother's mad at me for drinking too much soda
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Relius_Infinity359/17 10:30PM
>:\ I think my router is starting to die on me...Magus 10109/17 10:12PM
Ever been a hypocrite, if just once (Poll)
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Vicaris179/17 10:06PM
Old Dirty ****ard taking MTV along to pick up food stamps will never not be funnargonautweekynd19/17 9:58PM
So I have 30 bucks in my battle net account
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JoanOfArcade159/17 9:53PM
My soda's mad at me for drinking too much brotherAwesomeTurtwig79/17 9:50PM
Adopted a kitty today: Ask me anything
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Thunder_man6199/17 9:38PM
ATTN: leetcheetNade Duck49/17 9:37PM
Did I do good? PSN PAL Retro saleDeltaBladeX39/17 9:31PM
Chin up, even if you're not adoptedGanonsSpirit29/17 9:22PM
Do you think being a bro is something you're born with or something you become?argonautweekynd19/17 9:21PM
my fiancee a rescued a baby squirrel
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CarefreeDude329/17 9:10PM
How do you pronounce /b/?
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N30Chaos687239/17 9:05PM
Come play fibbage with me!!
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twa556169/17 9:05PM
RE4 TLOU ModFar-Queue29/17 8:44PM
Starting Fallout New Vegas on PS3Gradieus99/17 8:39PM
Time/Infinity... Explain This Statement Please???
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FadetooBlack369/17 8:38PM
What's something you like but isn't very popular?Real_Account39/17 8:38PM
Is it true what they say about alcohol? Different ones give different buzzes?TwyliteSprinkle99/17 8:27PM
So I started playing WoW again
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JoanOfArcade369/17 8:25PM