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Why do enemies in FPS's always fall down and die in the same position?Johnny_Girlziel52/25 8:33AM
Anyone want to help me identify an anime one one bit of a YouTube video?DeltaBladeX32/25 8:33AM
like, fridges are like, cool boxes, literal boxes of cool we store
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Lootman112/25 8:27AM
Why do hostesses at restaurants flirt?
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GreenTreeClub332/25 8:15AM
What does 'Driver Power State Failure' mean?EclairReturns42/25 8:14AM
Worms aren't scary, right?DeltaBladeX52/25 8:09AM
70k free a year but you cannot work or start a business (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link462/25 8:04AM
Today's poll is dumb, the 0-10% option should say 'I have a Steam account.'
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ZeroRaider252/25 8:00AM
Weather plsAetherChaos62/25 7:58AM
Why is it thatLemonDestroyer72/25 7:55AM
Ultron is a liberal (Poll)knightoffire5522/25 7:54AM
So which Pro Skater was the best on PS2?
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justaseabass282/25 7:50AM
Can you get more back on a tax return than you paid in?Dynalo102/25 7:49AM
Which of the 4 guys from Big Bang theory would you prefer as room mate? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link302/25 7:49AM
When they are fat enough that you can see the dimple of their belly button
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Chef_Excellence182/25 7:34AM
I'm a pro drunk
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BNVshark123142/25 7:32AM
So now that Mega Evolution is a thing . . fusion?
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deadpigs101142/25 7:17AM
uh, my game boy is having an identity crisis
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helIy262/25 6:37AM
Your favorite creepypasta/ unsolved/world mysteries/paranormal type stuff?V-E-G-Y-72/25 5:17AM
Why on earth does Chrome Mobile use so much data?
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darthcid242/25 5:09AM