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Welp, they finally did it. They axed almost all of my alternate accounts.
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DukeRaoul231615/5 4:35PM
When/Where is the WORST time or place you've ever had to hold a poop?NiinjaDylan75/5 4:34PM
What is SHIELD streaming?Nichtcrawler X45/5 4:30PM
We CANNOT afford to have a republican president next
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Metal_Gear_Link545/5 4:20PM
I have 11 pages of material due in less than 5 hours. AMABNVshark12345/5 4:19PM
Been beat up and battered 'roundLokarin55/5 4:06PM
is metal gear rising revengence any goodrgonautweekend75/5 4:05PM
A talented artist can make even lazy scribbles look amazingNeoSioType35/5 3:54PM
You make a fast food restaurant that specializes in dog foodTheWorstPoster105/5 3:53PM
ATTN: Around the WebWastelandCowboy25/5 3:50PM
Double standarts in pro-choice? (Closed)RandomBoss45/5 3:48PM
Why is it that banned words are visible when quoting another user?brisashi95/5 3:46PM
If you eat invisible foodTheWorstPoster95/5 3:43PM
Star Wars!DeltaBladeX15/5 3:41PM
Elizabeth Olsen is hot
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RandomBoss145/5 3:37PM
Did you watch the most important event of the year? (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32345/5 3:36PM
So about that facebook thing.daftalive0885/5 3:35PM
Something I just noticed about a few of my favourite old RPGsLokarin85/5 3:33PM
Oh man I cant wait I am seeing The Replacements tonight.
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rgonautweekend125/5 3:31PM
I can't read the Long od the RingsRandomBoss25/5 3:29PM