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Is Five Freddy's at Five Guys any good?Lokarin73/25 7:00PM
I'm kind of bummed that there's no option in the poll for people who work.
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WastelandCowboy123/25 6:59PM
Anyone who plays WoW on alliance side wanna PvP or something?Malleum33/25 6:34PM
Teletubbies :DDeltaBladeX13/25 6:30PM
My grandpa died todayEternalNether63/25 6:29PM
Woo hoo! Life is Strange part 2 is out!Captain-Trips73/25 6:28PM
I bet you can't guess whose alt I am!
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TIE345143/25 6:23PM
So this chick comes up to my door talking about lowering my gas bill.DrPrimemaster103/25 6:13PM
My room mate had people over for a Pyramid Scheme presentation
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BeerOnTap243/25 6:10PM
Has anyone ever had a Waffle Taco from Taco Bell?Trevor_Belmont73/25 6:08PM
Today I am a SageOmegaM13/25 6:02PM
I was watching Americas Funniest Home Videos last night...argonautweekynd93/25 5:53PM
Is "Disasters of Early Access" a thing?Lokarin63/25 5:49PM
25 shift keys available in Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequelpapercup53/25 5:47PM
Is Ringworld worth reading?papercup73/25 5:15PM
J Law will not return after third X-Men movie.
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kangolcone413/25 5:10PM
Multiple tornadoes in Oklahoma City right nowfaramir7723/25 5:02PM
We perceive the universe because we evolved with these five senses, but...
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Metro2353/25 5:00PM
One of my hobbies is taking self portraits with animals
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Doctor Foxx193/25 4:59PM
Big time tornado/rain/hail storm in my neighborhood. Power's out.keyblader198513/25 4:54PM