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Hey Judgmenl, is it possible to make xfaqs' TTI compatible with .gifv links?LeetCheet74/25 4:35AM
What's the big deal about Bruce Jenner?knightoffire5554/25 4:29AM
Someone make a gif of this,
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Rimmer_Dall144/25 4:20AM
I love getting lost in games like Skyrim.
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ShinRaKnight304/25 3:11AM
I kinda want to get a the Replacements band tattoorgonautweekend24/25 2:34AM
I set my ATM card's number to "0001" because I'm number one!DarkKirby250094/25 1:59AM
If you had to give God a name, what would you name him or her?
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McSame_as_Bush524/25 12:37AM
Gary's got a bonerrgonautweekend14/25 12:36AM
How is your Friday going so far?
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MechaKirby364/24 11:57PM
Do you consider strategy guides good toilet reading? (Poll)knightoffire5574/24 11:49PM
NZ / Aus Club Nintendo offering me games for the end of their service (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX124/24 11:29PM
I could use some opinions, guys. tl;dr at the end.
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Xade76274/24 11:28PM
I made some lumpia tonight.Milleyd54/24 11:11PM
anime girls v2acwwpowns74/24 11:02PM
I think Valve is exemplifying the latter half of "You either die a hero, or
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GanonsSpirit344/24 10:59PM
Aquaman is the most underrated superhero tbhMuscles14/24 10:59PM
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG and Related nonsense Discussion Topic XLVIhelIy54/24 10:57PM
God, I've gotten so fat, I actually have to unbutton my zipper when I'm at home.
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EclairReturns174/24 10:56PM
I need someone to talk to.
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MrMelodramatic294/24 10:54PM
There hasn't been a mecha game in foreverLokarin64/24 10:47PM