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teaching my friend how to drive.rgonautweekend15/25 11:14AM
Who the f*** keeps paying to watch those s***ty "gothic" movies?
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Zareth175/25 11:11AM
Oh god, I just saw Clench post
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chews485/25 11:09AM
Former US Chief Justice Warren E. Burger is kayaking in the Mississippi River...rgonautweekend65/25 11:08AM
You are now on fire
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TheWorstPoster115/25 10:58AM
Best brand of toilet paper? (Poll)
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brisashi155/25 10:55AM
I'm playing earthbound for the first time (spoilers)Action5395/25 10:50AM
f***ing EAjedirood65/25 10:35AM
Let's try this again: Last post in this topic is my sig for a week. I won't bump
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Is soldering hard?
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acesxhigh165/25 10:27AM
Why are Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix pg 15 but Half Blood princeZikten35/25 9:54AM
What's the best DLC for a game you've ever bought?BlazeAndBlade95/25 9:42AM
Public PSA Service Announcement: Vikings is an awesome showEreshkigaI55/25 9:34AM
You are now forced to live your entire life throughout the 70's
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TheWorstPoster485/25 9:26AM
Rate this Villain Day 439 Morlun (Poll)scubasteve4265/25 9:24AM
"To Catch a Predator" is coming backOmegaM55/25 9:18AM
Sony's Anti DDOS contractor blocks your modem's MAC address
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Metal_Gear_Link215/25 9:09AM
Hideo Kojima: What if Snake could catch a cold?Lokarin65/25 8:15AM
Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015)Nichtcrawler X45/25 7:52AM
I miss Arctic. Anyone know when/if he's coming back?
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HeroofDark125/25 6:12AM