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was anyone else disappointed that Twisted Metal(PS3)Failed?NightMareBunny1011/18 10:27AM
so i was IM'ing a buddy who who works at blizzard about WoD
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ZiggiStardust2011/18 10:27AM
how do i deal with people who obviously want the D?mayu780611/18 10:08AM
it's cold as hell outside; what is your favorite soup?Botnus912511/18 10:06AM
Why were black people in 70's- 80's movies always super hip/cool?Captain-Trips411/18 10:03AM
How do babies know how to juggle breathing and drinking at the same time?
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eating4fun1211/18 9:42AM
Poll of the Dayimportvita111/18 9:31AM
Anime is for pederfiles
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HenryKissiger1311/18 9:23AM
What is that web-browser Illustrator like website?Dmess85111/18 9:21AM
Short Synopsis of video games released this year SPOILERSPARAMYTAS211/18 9:19AM
have you ever looked at your pet and wondered...NightMareBunny611/18 9:00AM
Let it Be by The Beatles is the best song everThe_Sexorcist411/18 8:59AM
people express themselves through pictures with quotes on facebook and isntagramDaltonM111/18 8:55AM
Anyone watch Arrow... or flash?....
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Brad0103triplex1911/18 8:53AM
this game trailer almost made me cry...ZiggiStardust511/18 8:46AM
ugh gamefaqs looks like cotton candy all of a sudden....
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TwyliteSprinkle1511/18 8:46AM
Final fantasy After Years or 6. Which one should I play?twa556311/18 8:23AM
How much do you pay for car insurance?Action53611/18 8:21AM
To any Warhammer 40k tabletop players. Do you enjoy the paintin & assemblin?
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InfestedAdam1211/18 7:43AM
My cat thinks he owns all my stuffBNVshark123411/18 7:15AM