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This Beautiful 30 y/o Girl faked her own Kidnapping and now faces Prison!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle103/27 9:25PM
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Do you play any instruments?
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RayKnight223/27 9:21PM
what will happen first (Poll)
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Mr_Sockyman173/27 9:18PM
I decided to wear an older shirt todayBNVshark12323/27 9:07PM
Dumb things chewy has recurring dreams about
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JokePoster123/27 8:58PM
I am alive and so are you.
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MrMelodramatic133/27 8:55PM
Is having sex with an angel a sin?
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GanonsSpirit203/27 8:54PM
Taylor Swift has an angel face
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The_Sexorcist183/27 8:52PM
My ultimate sexual fantasy has always been to have sex with a random stranger.BirdsOfPray53/27 8:47PM
My phone keeps freezes and f***ing up.DirtBasedSoap43/27 8:34PM
This 7 y/o Kid is FORCED to go Bald after he came to school with this Haircut!!. (Poll)Full Throttle53/27 8:32PM
I am in a food coma from the best meal I have ever had.
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Gastroid123/27 8:31PM
The only money that is legal are now pennies.
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TheWorstPoster153/27 8:13PM
Pillars of Eternity (new Obsidian game) releases tomorrow! Anyone else excited?
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Far-Queue203/27 7:25PM
Hmmm so I had a team project where we got a plagiarism warning and one of my
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aHappySacka143/27 7:22PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 703 ~ The Vampire Diaries (Poll)Slayer53/27 7:06PM
Best Metal Gear Solid Boss Fight? (Slight spoilers) (Poll)
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Captain-Trips213/27 7:01PM
my most anticipated 2015 game... delayed...
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Komaiko54243/27 6:56PM