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Interstellar (spoilers)
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Well for a bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend is really dark.TruePowerSeeker211/19 3:02PM
I love every bone in your bodyBNVshark123811/19 3:01PM
Remember how Animal Crossing on the GC had a bunch of NES games included?GanonsSpirit311/19 2:38PM
Slipping on the iceRazorX2003111/19 2:35PM
Why you should watch Prince of Egypt instead of Exodus: Gods and KingsMetro2211/19 2:27PM
Is it better to be honest with a woman about virginity or not?
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Zikten2911/19 2:23PM
My aunt is pro-life, but she had trouble having a kid for yearsBNVshark123311/19 2:02PM
walmart is now match online pricesargonautweekynd111/19 2:00PM
If I wanted to start reading Wolverine graphic novels....kangolcone411/19 1:50PM
I love how the Wii U has dominated the "top rated" games of 2014
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ESP Samus1711/19 1:46PM
my favorite song of all time is "sandstorm" by darude
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argonautweekynd1111/19 1:38PM
There's a neat hookah lounge near where my parents live...Solid Sonic111/19 1:38PM
1995 Steam games now
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DeltaBladeX1411/19 1:35PM
I sort of just forgot about Disgaea D2, but I just ordered it.Dynalo911/19 1:30PM
Is it too early to ask a girl to be my new year's kiss?
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Philoktetes1511/19 1:28PM
omg pewds no commentsLootman911/19 1:09PM
I don't understand how my coworkers are always so excited to be having kidsfrybrain0094111/19 12:27PM
About A Perfect Day for Banana Fish *spoilers*Mr_melodramatic311/19 11:50AM
I finally watched The Hobbit 2 Electric BoogalooBlighboy111/19 11:38AM