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Suppose I open up a museum solely dedicated to gaming history
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WhatPoll1210/17 5:23PM
what game do you want to get remade more than any other game?
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humptyrump4710/17 5:23PM
I'm a results driven person.Judgmenl210/17 5:21PM
So, Halo: Master Chief Collection has a 20GB Day 1 update?
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WhatPoll1710/17 5:12PM
A good apology gift for a girl?
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Ao_Ryuu544210/17 5:01PM
Ten years later, what do you think of Mario Pinball Land (aka Super Mario Ball)?OmegaM310/17 4:59PM
Well, I guess Hatred did it's job.Marcster1994210/17 4:14PM
I've been reading The King in Yellow *True Detective questions and Spoilers*Tutoria310/17 4:09PM
Don't you know I think you're the cat's meo-o-o-o-o-owww~Milleyd210/17 4:07PM
Fun multiplayer games on ps3 networkAmeliaJane16710/17 3:58PM
Wedding drama =/
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rottenmonk1510/17 3:55PM
"i havent had ballsin a long time" - LHODiablo Spartan110/17 3:55PM
im such a babe
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DirtBasedSoap1110/17 3:53PM
Which franchise should get a 'Dynasty warriors' spin off ? (Poll)kratospwnsnoobz910/17 3:32PM
Which religious icon is the less good? (Poll)kratospwnsnoobz210/17 3:21PM
Is Shadow of Mordor really that great?DirtBasedSoap910/17 3:20PM
How do I get drifloon on pokemon platinum?NeoSioType410/17 2:57PM
My new tradition is to spend $20 on gaming every month.Judgmenl110/17 2:33PM
Going under the knife for the second time in my life.
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Dynalo1310/17 2:27PM
Gonna start putting healthy foods into a blender and just eat a nutrient paste.
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brisashi2710/17 2:10PM