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Which Pokemon 3rd gen remake are you leaning towards? (Poll)
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Do you get lots of spam emails?acesxhigh29/1 11:52PM
Senior quote suggestions
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This 26 y/o Man tried to re-sell nude pics of J.Lawrence. Should he go to prison (Poll)Full Throttle79/1 11:49PM
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Look at what this Girl made this Dog do!! Is this Animal Cruelty?? (Poll)Full Throttle59/1 11:24PM
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Rate this cartoon /10 - Day 527 - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Poll)SIayer-89/1 11:11PM
i think it's dumb that you can't watch your own media on the wii uhelIy39/1 10:54PM
Whenever there a nudes leaked, I'm always reminded of how ****y we all are. (Closed)
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UnbiasTobias249/1 10:52PM
Any ideas when or if Walmart, will allow preorders for the Mario Kart 8 Bundle?Melon_Master29/1 10:51PM
Your favourite music radio station in GTA San Andreas? (Poll)
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Is this guy speaking English? I can't tell.AwesomeTurtwig89/1 10:48PM
Would you date half a girl?
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What do you think of users who post nothing but dumb poll topics? (Poll)JokePoster89/1 10:37PM
hey btb
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Would you rather date someone who is half your weight or 1.5x your weight? (Poll)
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GameTok with Lok: Talk amongst yourselves while I stare at my backlog
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Anyone here play/used to play Elsword?lihlih79/1 10:21PM
It's "Nev-AD-uh" not "Nev-AH-duh."
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MasterSword546539/1 10:21PM