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My power went out, and my phone was at 10% batteryZiggiStardust85/23 9:34PM
Strong storm in SA...Spectrum5775/23 9:16PM
I bought a britta...ArtistScientist55/23 9:16PM
Customer brings in game cases smeared in weed resin
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JoanOfArcade135/23 9:15PM
Easy free food in the Witcher 3. FREE FOOD FREE FOOD ^__^Ryan-0665/23 9:02PM
Just heard about the oldest Duggar molesting dozens of girls and 4 sisters
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FrndNhbrHdCEman115/23 8:49PM
what the hell is the witcher even about? why is it getting so much hype?green dragon75/23 8:49PM
Need more entries! (SteamGifts)DeltaBladeX95/23 8:37PM
Customer: Just cut me one big slice of ham, about four inches.
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Kanakiri355/23 8:29PM
What banks do you like?
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ArtistScientist325/23 8:16PM
What is your favorite TF2 class? (Poll)
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AwesomeTurtwig215/23 8:14PM
My internet is having a heart attack right now.Judgmenl45/23 7:55PM
Nintendo was on to something when they invented the third dimension...papercup85/23 7:46PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 756 ~ America's Funniest Home Videos (Poll)SIayer-85/23 7:41PM
Wow, this Blackhawks-Ducks game is insaneErik_P15/23 7:38PM
Arcades are nearly dead
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TheWorstPoster355/23 7:34PM
How do you usually deal with difficult people?Real_Account75/23 7:30PM
My kids' baseball team is getting their asses kicked
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quigonzel265/23 7:28PM
I bought a bike AMA
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Kanakiri285/23 7:16PM
i have a story i would like to share with you all...
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Greenfox111225/23 6:54PM