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guys, what do you think schmendrake is doing right now?
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ZiggiStardust271/22 1:45PM
Reading my old posts are cringy
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AwesomeTurtwig151/22 1:29PM
Tonight was one of the worst nights evermemoryrainshade81/22 1:17PM
Which version of Final Fantasy Tactics is better: the PS1 or the PSP version?
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EclairReturns271/22 1:08PM
Guys, what do you think clench is doing right now?
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BNVshark123131/22 1:00PM
Is there really so much difference between regional Samsung products...Nichtcrawler X11/22 12:30PM
Guys, what do you think chelle is doing right now?Miroku_of_Nite191/22 12:26PM
Bought a Skylanders Kaos Trap in box for 50 cents.....quigonzel41/22 12:14PM
Drone carrying drugs crashes near US/Mexico borderMetro231/22 12:14PM
Michael Jones from Rooster Teeth does a voice in fairy tailJoanOfArcade41/22 11:57AM
Is this video not loading for anyone else?AwesomeTurtwig21/22 11:41AM
Well I bought a boxed snes for 60 bucks
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JoanOfArcade221/22 11:25AM
This is quite an interesting topic...Ganons5pirit31/22 11:08AM
anyone else having trouble uploading an avatar image?ZiggiStardust41/22 11:04AM
Oh my gah. Look what happened when I plugged my USB drive in!
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Ryan-06141/22 10:51AM
I met the most obnoxious person at he gym todayBNVshark12371/22 10:47AM
What is your stance on animal cruelty (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link71/22 10:28AM
It occurs to me that I may be mildly autistic...
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Arctic_Sunrise221/22 10:27AM
i wish i could loan digital games to friends...
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ZiggiStardust141/22 10:25AM
Rate Quantum Leap (Poll)
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Dan0429151/22 10:16AM