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Movies or Video Games: Which do you get/see day 1 more often? (Poll)
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What's your favorite type of pr0n? (Poll)
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Lobomoon455/3 4:08PM
So Sad to almost be done with college ;_; what do I do after? (blogfaqs)Junpeiclover45/3 4:03PM
Do you like the board "Another Place?"McSame_as_Bush25/3 3:48PM
If I feel I am Penguin trapped in a Human's body (Poll)
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Do you listen to music???
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McSame_as_Bush145/3 3:41PM
Since when do so many people care about boxing
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EreshkigaI155/3 3:39PM
This jack white and ICP collab from a few years ago is okayrgonautweekend25/3 3:31PM
I find this woman beautiful.
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_PandaMaster_285/3 3:29PM
Just had a woman flip because I wouldn't give her more than 2 bucks forJoanOfArcade15/3 3:27PM
how do i get a stuck disc out of the wii?humptyrump45/3 3:19PM
Taco Bell, ya dun f***ed up...
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Solid Sonic315/3 3:01PM
Are people who post their computer specs in their sig assballs?Chef_Excellence55/3 2:53PM
I went on a cactus trip. Ask me anythingBNVshark123105/3 2:49PM
Dumb question I'm sure, but what's the difference between a Law and an AmendmentMrMelodramatic45/3 2:44PM
Everything is awesome!WastelandCowboy15/3 2:40PM
tell me a funny joke PotD
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-Komaiko54M485/3 2:36PM
I've come to love Vine. You laugh you lose, Vine editionWadaTah15/3 2:22PM
firefox sucks, chrome is better.
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darcandkharg31325/3 2:22PM
My Topic almost has 11,000+ VOTES!!! =) (Poll)
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Full Throttle155/3 2:18PM