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So TLoU MP is getting an emote called "The GIF"raymanfan127/24 9:06PM
...the fireworks today are larger, louder, and more numerous than on July 4th.bluPython17/24 9:00PM
Day 12 - Quarter-finals round 4: Best of PotD tourny - Duckbear vs Sleeping_King (Poll)
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Ogurisama147/24 8:55PM
Still new to Gears of war. I love the digger for MP
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BushidoEffect3187/24 8:52PM
PotD, Rate the video game song: Day 26 - Bayside City (Android Assault) (Poll)quigonzel57/24 8:51PM
I've had a pounding headache all day long.Judgmenl57/24 8:45PM
If Apple Products Were Their Own Companies...bluPython27/24 8:44PM
Post your dream PotD threesomes
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bachewychomp277/24 8:42PM
This 17 y/o Kid killed himself because he couldn't pay for his g/f's Dinner... (Poll)
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Full Throttle127/24 8:32PM
How is Fire Emblem: Awakening compared to the Final Fantasy Tactics series?
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MechaKirby187/24 8:29PM
Since its on TV, and looks like nothing else is onOgurisama17/24 8:18PM
ive decided im going to start learning korean
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Ogurisama117/24 8:11PM
Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct (Poll)SkaFrost8997/24 7:39PM
Nothing in the world can keep the count from his beloved bridemetalconkerrr67/24 7:33PM
Public Service PSA Announcement: i dont like sweet potatoes (Poll)mayu78077/24 7:28PM
Anyone here ever played Dynamite Headdy for the Sega Genesis?Xade76107/24 7:28PM
Resident Evil 4 (Poll)
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C0RNISHACID657/24 7:21PM
50 Shades of Grey trailer released today...hawt.
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CiIantro127/24 7:11PM
Kinda sucks when your favorite band doesn't release sheet music so you have tobluPython67/24 6:52PM
Is cop-out a word you have to be careful saying?Chenmaster237/24 6:51PM