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You have 6 ferrero rocher chocolates
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Viking_Mudcrap118/26 8:41PM
When I was a kid I thought shopping sprees meant everything in the store was freZareth68/26 8:37PM
I literally have that p**** of tap in my new place (improved version with pics)
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BNVshark123178/26 8:33PM
asked my therapist if she would show me her feetums
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Berating358/26 8:30PM
Countdown to my graduationAwesomeTurtwig88/26 8:30PM
And Like That I'm Promoted...-ishaDirtyShisno68/26 8:25PM
i made a very racist comment on youtube
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mayu780168/26 8:18PM
its poppin on tinychat
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AmeliaJane16598/26 8:11PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 38 - Whisper of Hell (Disgaea) (Poll)quigonzel48/26 8:10PM
What's your score in Swing Copters (from Dong Nguyen of Flappy Bird)?
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GameGuy777118/26 8:03PM
Watching 300: Rise of an Empire...AllstarSniper32108/26 8:01PM
r7gerrabbitMr_melodramatic18/26 7:58PM
Is twitch broken?FellWolf78/26 7:58PM
Duckbear, how do you get your news? I honestly have an interest.davf13578/26 7:53PM
Whenever I see "z" in math, I keep calling it Zed not Zee
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shadowsword87228/26 7:53PM
Labor day weekend, classes off, what to do? (Poll)Kaushad88/26 7:48PM
what games do you have pre-ordered?
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Ao_Ryuu54198/26 7:48PM
Do you ever hear your phone vibrate before you feel it?bachewychomp58/26 7:45PM
im poopin on tinychatNade Duck78/26 7:39PM
Hey, wanna see something...really scary?CornishGhost38/26 7:29PM