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Is pizza safe to eat if it's been left out for several hours?
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All the Wii U does is update.Stupid Pirate Guy612/27 8:15AM
ITT: I will post some of my favorite pictures I took in 2014
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Best way to keep your computer free of viruses for free?
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Thank you U.K for
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Anime, Manga, VN, Osu, JRPG and Related Things Discussion Topic XXXXI-2
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I'm new to MMOs. What should I try out?
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Who wins: Mayweather vs Pacquiao (Poll)
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Who is the best "newbie" to PotD?
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Yesterday I got the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the GameCube.CaioNV312/27 6:48AM
This 13 y/o Kid cried his eyes out cause XBOX Live was down on Christmas... (Poll)
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I think I know why ParanoidObsessive is posting more here.KnoxKorner212/27 6:17AM
guacamole on eggs and toasthelIy212/27 5:19AM