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If the weatherman is supposed to be objective why does he say its a nice day?gbagcn512/23 3:08PM
after today, i'm off work for about a week and a half!
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ZiggiStardust1512/23 3:07PM
My brother got a Mario toy to go with the Yoshi I gave himDeltaBladeX112/23 3:06PM
Finished Hellsing Ultimate last night.DespondentDeity912/23 3:03PM
My friend at work thinks I have a girlfriend, give me some fake scenarios to...WestelI912/23 3:00PM
I feel horrible for this, but I hate coming home now.TinyTankX512/23 2:58PM
This was one of the best years in gaming everkratospwnsnoobz812/23 2:58PM
Korra finale poll (Korra finale spoilers) (Poll)Storrac512/23 2:57PM
This is my favorite new club jam. Post your favorite club hit ITT.SIurmsMcKenzie312/23 2:50PM
Troll dolls are weirdJoanOfArcade212/23 2:46PM
my coworker said a few days ago "its so cute you wear two watches"
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argonautweekynd3912/23 2:40PM
I wish we had the capability to voluntary sleep instantaneously
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bachewychomp3212/23 2:37PM
American bros: Who would you vote for president in 2016election? (Poll)yourDaddie812/23 2:36PM
Jewelry is dumb.
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GanonsSpirit1212/23 2:32PM
The Repopulation looks actually goodOmegaTomHank312/23 2:13PM
I'm not "scared of girls"...Solid Sonic812/23 2:12PM
It's amazing how all 3 consoles are technically less than 300yourDaddie612/23 2:06PM
OK so how comparable is Dark Souls to Monster Hunter?
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Judgmenl1212/23 2:03PM
If cold water transformed you into something else what would you prefer? (Poll)
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yourDaddie1112/23 2:00PM
This was my childhood's Avengers momentMetro2212/23 1:52PM