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What's your favorite main series Tales of game? (Poll)
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What's the BEST best game ever? (Poll)
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Joe biden is funny! anyone wish he was president instead of obama?
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Brown eyes are better than your eyes!AllstarSniper3267/25 2:22AM
Poll missing an option?reptar__on__ice47/25 2:22AM
Ok, question. Suppose I were to ask you about "last Tuesday".
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Thank you for recommending One Punch Man. I've read about 60 chapters.Milleyd47/25 2:14AM
Mafia (no name yet) Signups
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REAL Poll of the Day - Name That Publisher
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Somebody leaked Expendables 3 on the internet...Someone's gonna get Fired!Full Throttle77/25 2:06AM
This 21 y/o Man is going to Prison for 3 years cause he had a Stun Gun..Fair? (Poll)Full Throttle57/25 1:52AM
you got baby blue eyes?ReggieBush0997/25 1:50AM
Who is the better TV dad? (Poll)
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Ogurisama347/25 1:49AM
Rate this Villain Day 169 Vaas Montenegro (Poll)
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10 minutes till rwby season 2 starts
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Ashphantom127/25 1:47AM