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Female Superintendent says this High School has girls dressed like Skanks! (Poll)
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Full Throttle138/28 5:37PM
I just saw an adorable blind girl. :(davf135108/28 5:34PM
Russia invades the Canadian NorthSt_Kevin78/28 5:17PM
Game Over America, Your King will be Canadian
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St_Kevin128/28 5:08PM
NoobsWhatPoll48/28 4:51PM
Actually, as of this week I am able to answer the second option on today's pollSolid Sonic38/28 4:47PM
My friend is an idiot.DirtBasedSoap88/28 4:47PM
Watching 300: Rise of an Empire...
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AllstarSniper32158/28 4:33PM
You set up a language where the "letters" are colorsWhatPoll58/28 4:24PM
This is how I feel right now.Flutershy28/28 4:18PM
Watching The Simpsons Marathon has got me wondering...
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quigonzel128/28 4:06PM
How is hunting for sport any less worse than what serial killers does?
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Real_Account128/28 3:51PM
Oops! All Berries is what Crunch Berries should have been in the first placeMabinogiFan68/28 3:45PM
you are doing that too much. try again in 4 minutes.lootwoman28/28 3:35PM
Last Game Bought
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mewpudding101478/28 3:35PM
I post so little on Potd these days, I could get away with pretending to be new.Mehere68/28 3:27PM
I'm a straight white male, and I enjoy Anita Sarkeesian's videos.
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ZiggiStardust648/28 3:17PM
Anyone wanna play Halo Reach?
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CSRouge96138/28 3:16PM
Is it necessary to play all of the Shin Megami Tensei games IN ORDER???
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shipwreckers138/28 3:11PM
I'm watching episode 8 of Season 6 of OzViking_Mudcrap18/28 3:02PM