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I was scratching my knee, and then...Ireland_FTW33/25 9:35PM
Hahaha, this guy is in an episode of breaking bad.argonautweekynd63/25 9:32PM
Should I be on this site if most of the time, I DON'T want to discuss games?EclairReturns83/25 9:23PM
Footage captured of VioletZer0 when ever someone mentions GamerGate.
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Storrac173/25 9:15PM
Study finds secondhand smoke increases risk of clogged arteries in children!
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LanHikari10 (M)113/25 8:39PM
Super Troopers 2 being Crowdfunded at Indiegogo.newsuperdude53/25 8:38PM
I have a spot in the campus' greenhouseBNVshark12313/25 8:37PM
computers don't really compute anymore, just get on facebookBirdsOfPray33/25 8:32PM
So, I started watching Gurren Lagann.
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SunWuKung420773/25 8:26PM
Life is Strange Part 2 is out right now!!!
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AllstarSniper32113/25 8:22PM
Choose my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Starter! (Poll)
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Melon_Master413/25 8:19PM
So what exactly is Bloodborne?
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raymanfan1433/25 8:17PM
one of my hard drives failed and i lost some pictures of female potdersBirdsOfPray73/25 8:13PM
Crunchy, or creamy? (Poll)
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DelectableTears123/25 8:13PM
Comedy Bang Bang is actually really funny.DrPrimemaster43/25 8:07PM
Tried for ~40 minutes to defeat FFXII-2's final boss.Judgmenl53/25 8:06PM
three bosses in to BloodborneJoanOfArcade83/25 7:54PM
you can't eat a cookie cutter. it's metal and would hurt your teeth. but you canBirdsOfPray93/25 7:43PM
Have you played The Lion King for SNES?
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SilentSeph443/25 7:37PM
Yo, PotD... It's been a while.
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meatbal2501133/25 7:28PM