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tfw ur restringing n ur bridge pin flies outacesxhigh212/20 8:14PM
Best Gen Y era US president (Poll)
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kratospwnsnoobz3112/20 8:11PM
why the f*** didn't anyone tell me about this?!ThePollGuy54312/20 8:11PM
Anyone else depressed because LoK is over?
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JanwayDaahl1912/20 8:09PM
The Poll of the Day on the homepage is balanced to within two votes!
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Shark86372012/20 8:06PM
Rate my sig /10
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Sami_Khedira1112/20 8:05PM
Dear ssj4supervegetaWastelandCowboy112/20 8:01PM
I ordered food online for the first timessj4supervegeta812/20 7:58PM
Chimpanzees break free from a lab a midst a global pandemic and it's up to aaHappySacka512/20 7:56PM
The conspiracy behind Santa Claus
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WhatPoll1112/20 7:49PM
Why the **** doesn't America have this?
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Metro21112/20 7:43PM
Who want to play Randomnauts with your old pal Turtwig later?AwesomeTurtwig612/20 7:41PM
Does anyone else feel luxury guilt? (or whatever it's called)
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Lokarin1212/20 7:34PM
What is your first language? (Poll)Ogurisama412/20 7:34PM
James Camron found a door at the bottom of the Ocean?????
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Dmess851212/20 7:25PM
So my girlfriend has mentioned that she is bi-curious...Chef_Excellence712/20 7:25PM
The Xbox One I won showed up todayJoanOfArcade412/20 7:20PM
My girlfriend's parents found out we had sex.
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Flutershy9712/20 7:14PM
Obama says it was a mistake for Sony to cancel the Interview
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Metro22812/20 6:57PM
Question for p.c master racetompound90212/20 6:52PM