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POTD was I hallucinating? I met a figure inside my house when I was youngSirkukukingz558/16 11:15PM
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hmm. gamefaqs is loading ads for me again.helIy38/16 10:49PM
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Favorite movie...FFReveirg28/16 10:31PM
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This 19 y/o Texas Uni Kid said he slept in his car for a Year to make ends meet (Poll)Full Throttle58/16 10:14PM
Guess what song I'm singing?knightoffire5578/16 10:12PM
Tales of Xillia 2 comes out in 3 days... Are you getting it?
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There goes Cornfish
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Genders!St_Kevin38/16 9:07PM
You're internet connection dropping in the middle of a competitive game.Dark_samus13188/16 9:00PM
i haven't read a physical book in over 4 years.
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HellHole_168/16 8:54PM
My PS Vita apparently travelled 31,014 miles, according to NearWhatPoll68/16 8:51PM
Let's have some fun: I post some of Chaos' PMs to me.
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Anyone here live in Seattle?JaH Reborn48/16 8:33PM
Just had most of a bag of cheesy garlic bread lays and some Mt Dew before bed.Judgmenl48/16 8:27PM
Just paid $215 for the original 1-62 Goosebumps, AMA
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Boogie got suspended for calling Microx/Kanakuri a "he" apparently (Closed)
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