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i like sneaking in alpha sapphire just cause it looks adorable.Nade Duck411/28 10:50AM
Quick, I need some Magic the Gathering advice!lihlih311/28 10:49AM
*Cute girls messages me on Okcupid*MrArmageddon8411/28 10:49AM
Let's talk about our corrective eyewear/procedures (if you have/had either)
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bachewychomp1111/28 10:49AM
well f***
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Ogurisama1511/28 10:47AM
how can anyone say Japan Is Irrelevant in the video game industry?
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NightMareBunny3111/28 10:46AM
Question for PS3 owners. (about PSN)S_Fox611/28 10:46AM
why are shoes so expensive?
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BigOlePappy1111/28 10:46AM
80% of people shopping on black friday are shopping for themselves...ZiggiStardust811/28 10:43AM
The Ten Commandments: #4 Honor thy Father and thy Mother (Poll)Q_Sensei611/28 10:42AM
Amazon switched from pacific time to eastern timecdark711/28 10:42AM
Why is Asian + White the most common interracial pairing?Metal_Gear_Link1011/28 10:41AM
Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is officially out
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Metro24511/28 10:35AM
Rational Liberals : who is worst? conservatives or Emotional liberals(SJW) ? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link911/28 10:31AM
Get this topic to 500 and I'll gift a game on Steam to the last poster. (Poll)
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WastelandCowboy2111/28 10:28AM
Why do fat women complain so much about body image when it's harder for men?Metal_Gear_Link711/28 10:23AM
Do you like in-game difficulty change options? (Poll)darcandkharg31911/28 10:16AM
Black Friday haul (so far)Raganork10511/28 10:07AM
Holy s***, there's an AsianWikiKrow_Incarnate211/28 10:07AM
why are the black friday deals on video games this year so horrible?
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NightMareBunny2911/28 10:03AM