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Somebody should release two versions of the same game, at onceTheWorstPoster85/5 6:31PM
Wait Black Mesa is now on Steam greenlight?Chef_Excellence25/5 6:29PM
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Thinking about getting Castlevania lll...
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edbassmaster165/5 6:22PM
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Remember Derpderp, Smugleaf, and Pignition?
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Raiders? Jaguars? I'll close my damn account if the
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Car Problems Topic
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DeltaBladeX giveaways - The Hat Man: Shadow WardDeltaBladeX85/5 6:04PM
Of course on Cinco de Mayo, PS+ gives away Guacamelee.SunWuKung42015/5 5:58PM
Rate this Villain Day 422 Cameron Hodge (Poll)scubasteve4245/5 5:55PM
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Dragon Quest VIII or Star Ocean: Till the End of Time? (Poll)
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Raganork10395/5 5:54PM
What's your favourite meme?
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MrMelodramatic355/5 5:53PM
My mother got pissy at her doctor today for recommending medical marijuana...BNVshark12375/5 5:52PM
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Alien or The Thing? Which movie is better? (Poll)
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I am The_SexorcistRandomBoss45/5 5:47PM
hi, how are you
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