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Love feels similar to heartburn
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Erik_P133/25 1:50PM
I've learned to ride a bike at the age of 22
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tiago92223/25 1:39PM
Today's screen polls is an eye-openerZeus93/25 1:35PM
Well, it looks like Jeremy Clarkson is OFFICIALLY getting fired (BBC / Top Gear)
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shipwreckers233/25 1:19PM
IS that... Michael Jordan sporting a Hitler mustache?AIundra53/25 1:19PM
I just got a Bloodborne machine.
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VioletZer0203/25 1:00PM
God of War: Ascension Ultimate Edition (PS3) is FREE on US PSN (Closed)
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DeltaBladeX193/25 12:28PM
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Storrac483/25 12:22PM
Some folks call it a sling bladeGanonsSpirit103/25 12:17PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever Third Place Match: Indiana Jones vs. Star Wars (Poll)
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quigonzel233/25 12:13PM
Bandwagon jump time, here's my selfie.KogaSteelfang93/25 11:56AM
This adventure time DotA-like is surprisingly interesting.Milleyd103/25 11:55AM
I just realized I have "Chelle" on psnJoanOfArcade53/25 11:48AM
Dumb things chewy has recurring dreams aboutJokePoster73/25 11:44AM
Should I play Bayonetta 2 or Wonderful 101 first? (Poll)GanonsSpirit23/25 11:43AM
I'm just about to start reading Game of Thrones
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BNVshark123143/25 11:35AM
Are you ashamed of some of the weird s*** your siblings are into?
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Solid Sonic243/25 11:30AM
A school handed out hygiene bags to 2nd graders that contained condoms and lube.SunWuKung42093/25 11:29AM
What is the target demographic for Late Night TV Shows?Judgmenl23/25 11:29AM
I'm against abortion (Closed)The_Sexorcist83/25 11:27AM