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I went to Bojangles today @ 11:30 today, and they were out of chicken, wtf?TwyliteSprinkle39/29 5:36PM
The beginning of this One Direction song sounds like a Mega Man song.urmomishawt0449/29 5:35PM
This... Smh, Why Star Wars Fans???
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FadetooBlack149/29 5:33PM
Had some guy just call me a queer while I was walking across the street with my
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Judgmenl169/29 5:27PM
Rate that cartoon /10 | The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (Poll)Slayer786199/29 5:07PM
Help me come up with a quote.
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urmomishawt04119/29 5:04PM
My AMP went under 100 for the first time in a looooong timebachewychomp99/29 4:53PM
Cosplay Topic 04
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AllstarSniper32589/29 4:43PM
I smell pretty ripe right now
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BNVshark123119/29 4:41PM
Creating a new charcter in FFXIV.Judgmenl69/29 4:30PM
I had a dream last night in which the letter M took the English language hostageWhatPoll29/29 4:30PM
I'm gonna replay Chrono Trigger since I finished replaying Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
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Milleyd249/29 4:24PM
What are the best horror movies?
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VioletZer0219/29 4:21PM
I am currently trying to store all the audio files I care about from my computerDan042949/29 4:19PM
C/D Human extinction (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY129/29 4:19PM
what game have you had the most fun playing?humptyrump29/29 4:12PM
Democrats should stop trying to make illegal hispanics US citizensMetal_Gear_Link49/29 4:01PM
Harry Potter purebloods are all magical hillbilliesDeltaBladeX89/29 3:55PM
lol, this exists?
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Ao_Ryuu54589/29 3:46PM
Wild 9 was a cool game.Milleyd19/29 3:45PM