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Are you a soda drinker? (Poll)
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DespondentDeity744/22 2:04PM
1,000 Hipsters and 1,000 Dudebros get into a fight (Poll)
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TheWorstPoster134/22 1:53PM
1,000 Skinheads and 1,000 Dudebros get into a fight (Poll)CarefreeDude14/22 1:52PM
Look at this cute 8 limbed creatureDeltaBladeX64/22 1:52PM
Buyer Beware Craigslist Ad (Spoof) worth a read.Dmess8524/22 1:52PM
Cowses is wowses.GrimCyclone44/22 1:47PM
Just broke up with GF and going to a B&B tonight because I booked it.Dmess8564/22 1:22PM
If a man is a miserable pile of secrets, and love is baby don't hurt me no moreTheWorstPoster94/22 1:02PM
man gets 90 years in prison for going on dumbass shooting spreeZikten24/22 12:59PM
holy moly, I think I actually might have made friends.MrMelodramatic64/22 12:45PM
Episode VII vs Batman v Superman: Which one will make more money? (Poll)
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Dante_Defiance334/22 12:38PM
Hell yeah my hair is getting longrgonautweekend94/22 12:32PM
I'm worried about my goldfish.
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Kanakiri224/22 12:30PM
Ever feel like girl's bodies would be sexier if there wasn't so much fat?
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A_SaltySurprise334/22 12:29PM
You now have some disease which colors the skin on your face like a clown.TheWorstPoster104/22 12:20PM
Holy crap, Warhammer Total War is really gonna be a thingEreshkigaI54/22 12:15PM
Rate my playlist! Rareware relateddeadpigs10124/22 12:03PM
Final thought on religionStopthink14/22 12:03PM
Holy s***. Very Awesome. Phone interview was at 2pm. Face to face next Tuesday.SunWuKung42044/22 11:56AM
Is helly a troll poster?
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The-Garbage-Man214/22 11:50AM