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Look at how HUGE this Dog's Head is!!...Warning, you might be scared... (Poll)Full Throttle43/2 10:32PM
Obama's greatest failure (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY913/2 10:26PM
Gangland just presented a catch 22 situation of sortsargonautweekynd73/2 10:20PM
You find a genie that grants you only one wish, but only if...
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ObligatoryFate583/2 10:17PM
What the hell just happened??? (Poll)HenryKissiger33/2 9:56PM
I'd hate to have Ancephalyargonautweekynd33/2 9:48PM
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can you name a good RPG from Sega Genesis?
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itakwilsimanalo133/2 9:10PM
Do you play handheld games in public?
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ZiggiStardust193/2 8:41PM
Its weird personally knowing someone who is a politician.DrPrimemaster53/2 8:40PM
Here's an odd question, do mercenaries have ranks?Arctic_Sunrise103/2 8:19PM
Its kind of ridiculous how Theodore Roosevelt just decided he wanted a statueDrPrimemaster43/2 8:05PM
19 y/o Girl who did Porn at the Library faces 1 year in Jail!! Should she go??.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle463/2 8:02PM
the Unreal 4 Engine is free!Botnus91213/2 7:44PM
I just finished reading a book series. Ask me anything. (Closed)EclairReturns83/2 7:23PM
Reading the driving manual again.Judgmenl43/2 7:23PM
Never played a Japanese game??!!?JTekashiro13/2 7:22PM
Why didn't Jafar just wish to be a genie using his first wish?Metro283/2 7:13PM
POTD: Have you ever played a game in Japanese? (Poll)
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MechaKirby393/2 6:54PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 681 ~ Cheat! (Poll)Slayer73/2 6:52PM