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which brave frontier waifu is ur favorite? (Poll)
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Nade Duck113/30 3:45AM
For those who are up to date on The Walking Dead comics SPOILERS for TV/Comicsdeadpigs10123/30 3:42AM
That guy who went viral over harassing that Chic-Fil-A girl now in poverty.
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GrimCyclone343/30 3:42AM
Do you sit in public places just to check out women?
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Mr_Snorlax1986263/30 3:31AM
The Walking Dead: Los AngelesWastelandCowboy83/30 2:17AM
These 5 Gamers are considered STUDS in the Gaming World...Are they?? (Poll)Full Throttle73/30 2:05AM
Teletubbies :DDeltaBladeX23/30 2:03AM
C/D: You are watching WrestleMania tonight
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KrystieTheModel213/30 1:56AM
Favorite Dark World Dungeon (Zelda: Link to the Past) (Poll)Ogurisama103/30 1:45AM
which do you think you could survive? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny183/30 1:19AM
how many weeks of practice would it take for me to be a successful rapper?ArnoDorian53/30 1:16AM
How do you pay for most things? (Poll)
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JokePoster543/30 1:00AM
i'm listening to that new kendrick lamar album everybody's talking aboutacesxhigh53/30 12:43AM
Day 1-700 Results
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SIayer-363/30 12:17AM
ITT: We come up with impossible and cool plot twists that haven't been done yet!
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DarknessLink7203/29 11:48PM
I can't believe we're more than a fourth into 2015.EclairReturns63/29 11:42PM
What is your opinion on Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn?EclairReturns83/29 11:37PM
Kenny or Jane? (Poll)Fimble_the_mage53/29 11:35PM
Hanna Barbera Star Fox
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Far-Queue263/29 10:49PM
The Official "The Walking Dead" Topic.
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Evray193/29 10:41PM