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Are you heteroflexible? (Poll)
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chaosbowser531/24 10:07PM
"a whale blasted an ungodly amount of ass ham all over some divers"Nade Duck101/24 9:50PM
Do you believe in isochronic, binaural, monoraul(sp?) tone effects?
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RJP_X191/24 9:43PM
Do you talk or snore in your sleep? (Poll)
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Erik_P221/24 9:42PM
Do you always text your date before you head out? (Poll)knightoffire5551/24 9:38PM
This Male Teacher was suspended for telling Teen Guys to shut up and enjoy Sex. (Poll)Full Throttle41/24 9:27PM
Do you like MAYONAISSE????? y/n? (Poll)
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ArctheLad13241/24 9:23PM
What is your favorite kind of breakfast? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link461/24 9:08PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 649 | That 70s Show (Poll)
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Slayer7861141/24 8:56PM
Would you date this guy?Metro231/24 8:44PM
Post a photo of your most annoying local sports guy...argonautweekynd31/24 8:36PM
Holy crap, Mr. Sandman.GanonsSpirit11/24 8:35PM
knightoffire55 (Poll)VenomX1831/24 8:23PM
So I'm watching the Kim Kardashian "sex tape"Erik_P61/24 8:05PM
Anyone up for some Smash Bros. Wii U matches?SilentSeph31/24 8:02PM
Logged onto OkCupid and saw that someone had checked out my profile.WastelandCowboy91/24 7:43PM
American Millionaire Faces 2 years in Prison in Canada for Kicking a Dog! Fair?? (Poll)Full Throttle31/24 7:40PM
To the girl I saw sitting at McDonald's. (Poll)knightoffire5521/24 7:34PM
Do any of you here like to wear diapers?
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1337_FF_GoDdeSs111/24 7:16PM
What was the last meal you had?
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Metalgato35211/24 7:02PM