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Do you dumb down your spelling and grammar when talking to others who do?
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Gimpt3138/19 9:28PM
Guess what I learned today.thedeerzord28/19 9:27PM
What would you suggest doing in this situation? (Job search related)Lazy_Haar58/19 9:24PM
Clicker Heroes is now up to Version 0.05
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OmegaM408/19 9:22PM
monster hunter topic
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Ashphantom1218/19 9:12PM
A Duran Duran 3-pack came out today (Poll)AllstarSniper3218/19 9:09PM
Almost 3 weeks. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? (Poll)
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Overd0s178/19 9:04PM
speaking of breaking badNade Duck58/19 8:59PM
Is it kinda sad I look forward to work?Judgmenl88/19 8:55PM
Why the f*** is VioletZer0's topic highlighted in blue for me right now
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bachewychomp118/19 8:54PM
The reality of moving away for college is beginning to set in.
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Mr_melodramatic318/19 8:46PM
ATTN MilleydZiggiStardust98/19 8:21PM
anyone tired of dumb people?Retroxgamer0108/19 8:14PM
Finally max level on HotS alpha!Lootman78/19 8:02PM
What is with vertical standing consoles?
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WhatPoll158/19 7:58PM
Good Lord; Riverdale was one seriously f***ed up place.keyblader198588/19 7:58PM
I respect all peoples/lifestyles/races/etc...MicrosoftLover68/19 7:56PM
Would you go out with this guy?Metro238/19 7:56PM
This 13 y/o Little League Baseball Player is 6'4 and 230lbs...Is this fair?? (Poll)Full Throttle68/19 7:50PM
I'm watching two fish play street fighter and it's ****ing awesomemildare_el_rayo28/19 7:46PM