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i was playing some basketball and decided to make a video. Please View and Rate!Mr_Sockyman74/23 6:14PM
Beat Bloodborne finally. Got the "normal" ending. *spoilers*
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Dynalo284/23 6:13PM
Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice? (Poll)BroodRyu24/23 6:09PM
A test of our collective hubris (Poll)DarknessLink734/23 6:05PM
As an American, if you knew that in 25 years, America would collapse because of
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GrimCyclone124/23 6:03PM
What's the significance of the name "Jake from State Farm"?Judgmenl44/23 6:02PM
You can now teleport, but every time you dragon54/23 5:49PM
ATTN Women of PotDCaptain-Trips44/23 5:34PM
hawkeye and captain america apologize for calling black widow a slut
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ZiggiStardust164/23 5:28PM
I will now seduce the women of PotD
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Lokarin234/23 5:23PM
Lost a small objectDDirtyDastard74/23 5:23PM
How can Rayman have circulation to his hands, feet, and headTheWorstPoster104/23 5:19PM
Stuff you bought online because youre too embarrassed to go to a store to buy it
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miczz184/23 5:17PM
anime girls v2acwwpowns64/23 5:09PM
So where are all of these gimmick accounts I kept hearing about?
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The-Garbage-Man384/23 4:55PM
Going to see Age of Ultron tonight!
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lorekai304/23 4:04PM
OK, I decided to start reading...AllstarSniper32104/23 4:03PM
Steam has just implemented paid mods.
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Mad_Scientist0174/23 4:00PM
This Pregnant Cashier was FIRED because she Refused to Pay what a Robber Stole! (Poll)
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Full Throttle634/23 3:59PM
When screens begin to look better than real life, why leave the house?Wyand_Voidbring54/23 3:59PM