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The new Star Wars trailer. Why is the one guy always out of breath?GrimCyclone94/16 2:26PM
Your entire life's YouTube viewer history is leaked to everyone you know.
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Captain-Trips534/16 2:21PM
StarDrive 2, a sci-fi, 4X, turn-based empire building gameaHappySacka54/16 2:18PM
AMA and I'll ask you something back!
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kriemhilde001524/16 1:59PM
I hate white chocolate (Poll)
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QuesoBlanco144/16 1:45PM
I don't get the point of all the security guard harassing videosHellHole_54/16 1:43PM
What's your favorite music to listen to during sex?kratosdakota374/16 1:37PM
waiting to get into calgary comic expoOgurisama94/16 1:29PM
Just started playing Animal Crossing again. (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate324/16 1:22PM
is the surface pro 3 tablet good?ZiggiStardust14/16 1:02PM
Thinking of buying Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. Fun?Melon_Master64/16 12:53PM
C/D Condoms are the best contraception with gf (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY364/16 12:32PM
I got my tax refund, which of these should I get?
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kratosdakota3154/16 12:31PM
what's this? more thunderstorms heading my way possibly....NightMareBunny14/16 12:29PM
Pretty sure someone was "choking the chicken" in a stall at work.Dikitain54/16 12:27PM
Mad Max 4 looks awesomeMilleyd54/16 12:04PM
I will someday go to Bir Tawil, and declare myself emperorTheWorstPoster54/16 12:00PM
I'm drunk and I want to do a poll. (Poll)knightoffire5584/16 11:49AM
Does anyone here have a Novation Launchpad?Lokarin14/16 11:49AM
POLL: Which is better "Current Events" or "Poll of the Day?"McSame_as_Bush24/16 11:39AM