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my cat likes to get behind my ps3 and lay up against the heat vent
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Zikten313/27 10:42AM
Should I make an account to corrupt the youth of wattpad?Lokarin13/27 10:38AM
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nickelodeon's got a late night rugrats marathon tonightNightMareBunny43/27 10:33AM
Need Advice for girl at workKazuma_Yagami53/27 10:18AM
But is the MGS5 Demo worth 10 bucks?miczz43/27 10:17AM
Let our powers combine!trodi_911103/27 9:57AM
Story of my life.Zareth63/27 9:48AM
I'm supposed to wear "black slacks" but I don't have any.MrMelodramatic63/27 9:33AM
Are there any phone junkies on here?lihlih73/27 9:18AM
three weeks from today I will be at CoachellaDirtBasedSoap13/27 9:05AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 389 Ness (Poll)scubasteve42103/27 8:58AM
Rate this Villain Day 387 Giygas (Poll)scubasteve4283/27 8:58AM
Back-channeling with the ChineseVicaris33/27 8:16AM
Which of the classes in the original Final Fantasy is your favorite? (Poll)
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SilentSeph193/27 8:02AM
is it weird that i rarely get the fruit flavored poptarts?
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NightMareBunny213/27 7:50AM
Games like Pillars of Eternity are aesthetically unpleasing to me.Judgmenl73/27 7:37AM
So i heard that in the US, that plane crash in europe never would have happenedZikten43/27 6:24AM
ITT: We say nice things about DukeRaoul
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edededdy1653/27 5:58AM
Saving up for a PS4 because of Bloodborne.Xade7633/27 5:08AM