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My feet have been really sweaty / smelly recently.Judgmenl75/6 3:52PM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2 Episode 3, In Harm's Way.
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Kimbos_Egg2835/6 3:50PM
Does anyone know the name of this song?Lobomoon35/6 3:49PM
You become a ghost but you can live forever across time and space
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Vicaris255/6 3:46PM
SpanakopitaJoanOfArcade45/6 3:42PM
Omg there is a rainstorm out.VioletZer085/6 3:39PM
A Blues 5-pack came out for Rocskmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper3225/6 3:28PM
lock statements in C# are amazing.Judgmenl105/6 3:26PM
I get annoyed when people nostalgia over games I never played.
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Judgmenl125/6 3:24PM
What the damn...WaterImp75/6 3:18PM
Star Wars or Star Trek? (Poll)GanonsSpirit15/6 3:11PM
Misadventures of Tron Bonne is now on PSN.
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Ferarri619115/6 3:09PM
I hate having to learn C# stuff on my own when it wasnt (properly) done in classTheWorstPoster25/6 3:08PM
I'll be going on a cactus adventure later today
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BNVshark123535/6 2:51PM
I used to really hate Magi, but it's actually rivaling HxH (spoilers)BNVshark12365/6 2:43PM
Which countries contribute the most good to the world?
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crinalex195/6 2:36PM
I'm Finally Free! I Just Took my *Final * Exam!JediMutant65/6 2:33PM
HNNNG discovered Dark Souls
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deoxxys325/6 2:30PM
Germany creates statue toEdward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link105/6 2:29PM
Any game(s) you quit after losing/corrupting a save file?
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MechaKirby365/6 2:26PM