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I got another raise at work.
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Jen0125323/5 7:16AM
how are we defining what men and women are?
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Botnus912323/5 7:15AM
man, texans can be total p*****s when it comes to cold weather...
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ZiggiStardust233/5 7:15AM
Is it possible to get a girlfriend if you hate social interaction?Link_AJ23/5 7:15AM
Im pretty sure sunny HAS been in a fightkmerchandise13/5 7:14AM
Daylight savings is no muy buenokangolcone33/5 7:14AM
Have you ever been in a fight and if so, did you win? (Poll)
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RPGMaster Right Here373/5 7:13AM
PotD Amiibo Tracking topic - Wheres my Gold Mario?? >_<
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Melon_Master593/5 7:12AM
Ecchi poses?pollguy5513/5 7:12AM
I don't know if any of you are fans of Patrick Rothfuss, but if you are...WastelandCowboy43/5 7:09AM
"I hate it, I just want to pay up front for a complete game" 31%baltoboulbobbi93/5 7:07AM
Why are Sonic fans so terrible?BNVshark12393/5 7:07AM
Is it OK to cheat on your girlfriend if she refuses to have sex with you?
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Lobomoon243/5 7:07AM
Maxis went bankrupt
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TheWorstPoster203/5 7:06AM
Age of Ultron question
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Lil69Leo133/5 7:06AM
You can snap your fingers and make any broken-up band get back together...
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Milleyd223/5 7:06AM
With every passing day I realize how fortunate I am to NOT be in the dating pool
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kmerchandise223/5 7:05AM
Rockband 4 Announced!Final Fantasy238983/5 7:04AM
Iceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in nation's historyMetro293/5 7:02AM
Waifu Battle 2015 Match 5: Morrigan Aensland vs Torri (Poll)GanonsSpirit33/5 6:55AM