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So about Tales of Xillia 2...MechaKirby510/18 1:39PM
A guy got REALLY mad at me at a comic book store today.
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brisashi1110/18 1:33PM
Do you own a gun? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu541610/18 12:51PM
Which movie should I watch tonight? (Poll)
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ac2player2310/18 12:33PM
Hi guys!PollGuy54210/18 12:32PM
These 5 fine ladies got a make over of a famous villain from Batman... (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu541510/18 12:23PM
My wife and I want a dog, disagree about breeds. help?
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joemama19921610/18 12:21PM
Would it be unBatman of Batman to send the Joker into a permanent coma?Vicaris1010/18 12:17PM
Everything wrong with Transformers 4Ao_Ryuu54410/18 11:53AM
After an hour with Borderlands Pre-Sequel I'm not sure I like it
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Erik_P1910/18 11:48AM
have you ever uses a Ouija board?
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LemonDestroyer1410/18 11:42AM
my friend wants to move in with me. i told him the room has a plywood floor.helIy610/18 11:30AM
Do you think the Shrine of the Silver Monkey really was that difficult? (Poll)knightoffire55210/18 11:29AM
Do you think that one day, all the European countries in the EU will combine?AwesomeTurtwig210/18 11:26AM
You ever feel like everyone hates you?
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Muscles_4201410/18 11:22AM
Cocoa Pebbles Or Fruity Pebbles? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny1910/18 11:18AM
GameTok with Lok: The Making of Legend of Zelda, with a side of files. (Closed)
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Lokarin4510/18 11:12AM
Earbuds or headphones? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu542110/18 11:01AM
just found out something kinda coolOgurisama510/18 10:42AM
Waiting on Wii smash is really sad.Sfandi910/18 10:41AM