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So, they're making a The Last of Us movie with The Terminator playing Joel.
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Far-Queue313/30 3:16PM
Jesus Christ man. The new Halo 5 trailers are getting me so pumped.
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DirtBasedSoap153/30 3:04PM
Can you guys give me a rundown of GameFAQs, it's social boards, and their users?
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GrimCyclone153/30 2:48PM
What is more useful to learn? Mandarin or Spanish?
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KainReaver109213/30 2:45PM
Don't you just hate when your buttcheeks go numb?Arctic_Sunrise83/30 2:42PM
Moo...TheWorstPoster23/30 2:42PM
Tell me how many lights you see. (Poll)GanonsSpirit53/30 2:40PM
Drill instructor did it on purpose
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Metro2133/30 2:12PM
I hate horror films.
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Storrac513/30 2:09PM
Steve Jobs vs. Steve from Blue's Clues (Poll)
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AwesomeTurtwig143/30 2:08PM
After I finally get MH4U, I barely have any time to play it.Death_Of_Effie93/30 2:02PM
I have 530 coins on Club Nintendo. Any reward games I should check out?GanonsSpirit43/30 1:51PM
Suppose the only way to save the future is to nuke a cityTheWorstPoster33/30 1:45PM
Need gaming headsetMooninites8843/30 1:00PM
What flavour is this? (Poll)
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HenryKissiger113/30 12:54PM
Tomorrow's newest fad that is "cool" to do is bite your fingers off
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TheWorstPoster133/30 12:45PM
A guy handed me a flyer about "The truth that men & dinosaurs coexistedpapercup63/30 12:41PM
i bought some "hiking shoes" for three bucks.argonautweekynd63/30 12:40PM
Do Androids Dream of Electric Geeks? (Closed)
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Korruptor233/30 12:06PM
Slowpoke use yawn!Ogurisama13/30 11:58AM