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Apparently, the KKK is recruiting new members ranging from New York to Texas.WastelandCowboy28/31 10:23PM
Tonight: PotD Civilization V Game
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GanonsSpirit648/31 10:19PM
Just ordered some pizza. How much should I tip?
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Mr_melodramatic318/31 10:15PM
Hehehehe, of the eight people online on my FB, I've snogged five of them.Arctic_Sunrise98/31 10:10PM
What are the laptop brands I should avoid?
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T-dus238/31 9:50PM
This is the 20 y/o Kid who was kicked out by his Christian Parents for being Gay (Poll)
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Full Throttle428/31 9:47PM
Just downloaded Skyrim. What mods should I get?SIvIart_USMC88/31 9:36PM
So I'm going to make food for an attractive woman tomorrowErik_P98/31 9:30PM
I want to play a WWII gameOgurisama48/31 9:25PM
Wearable camera.Lobomoon28/31 9:25PM
Japan should totally arm the pro-democracy Chinese protestors.Ferarri61938/31 9:22PM
This is a question or a statementWhatPoll18/31 9:21PM
Doctor Who S8 EP 2, anyone watch it? *Spoilers*
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That_70s_show138/31 9:07PM
Would you live in this country? (Poll)WhatPoll88/31 9:05PM
So I'm watching The Fisher King on NetflixStripedTiger18/31 9:04PM
"I'd even help carry my stuff to their car"Potatoman838/31 9:04PM
I have a prize to give...DO YOU WANT IT?
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SwordMaster13X188/31 8:57PM
Im in pretty bad shape right nowOmegaTomHank78/31 8:49PM
I need someone to compare my internet speed with.
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T-dus128/31 8:35PM
Wow. Shock Top Raspberry Wheat is pretty damn delicious.Super_Thug44108/31 8:21PM