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What's your favorite/least favorite of these Platinum (P*) games?raymanfan193/25 5:51AM
I was just looking at a POV characters list for A Fest for Crows...
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raymanfan1223/25 5:36AM
What are frogs?Captain_Drek93/25 4:56AM
8 White Girls at in Utah were CATFISH'd by a Black Girl!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle123/25 4:53AM
Isn't it hypocrisy? (Closed)The_Sexorcist23/25 4:50AM
Holy s*** its Sonic in real lifeCaptain-Trips53/25 3:23AM
For real though, I thought The Hobbit was a children's book, and yet... SPOILERS
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AIundra193/25 3:13AM
Nothing Else MattersFatalAccident33/25 2:24AM
Would you kindly post in this topicSHADOW0106103/25 2:20AM
I always never believe what people say on the internet
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RayKnight113/25 1:32AM
I finally finished MGS4. Thoughts (mostly on the ending, so SPOILERS)
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raymanfan1113/25 1:30AM
This 26 y/o Man brought his Niece to watch Cinderella...Look at what he Did!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle103/25 12:07AM
Is c*** still banned?
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raymanfan1193/24 11:38PM
Are you a primarily a PC gamer or a console gamer? (Poll)
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EclairReturns253/24 11:25PM
PS1 Classics (Poll)DeltaBladeX103/24 11:19PM
Kevin Hart was supposed to be the chosen one!Chef_Excellence23/24 11:15PM
Tea Bag + Hot Water = Tea right?
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Judgmenl293/24 11:09PM
And Steam now has NZ prices
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DeltaBladeX283/24 11:02PM
Well I bought FFXIII2 and 3. Hehehehehe
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Jen0125113/24 10:19PM
Do you have any secrets your parents dont know about?
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argonautweekynd203/24 10:16PM