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What is your favorite European country? (Poll)
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Songs that get stuck in your head often?BigOlePappy19/17 12:47PM
the worst part of looking for a job
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LemonDestroyer249/17 12:25PM
I think it is official that professors just dont have good taste for essaysdavf13539/17 12:24PM
I hear they started casting for the Halo 3 movie!ArctheLad1399/17 12:19PM
so are they releasing destiny to the pc or what?mayu78059/17 12:14PM
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What do you guys think of Everything is Terrible?SMRPGFAN10149/17 12:10PM
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What characters should be in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 2?
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ungubby219/17 11:49AM
Toads keep getting stuck between my front door and screen door
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Action53229/17 11:35AM
Countdown to my graduation
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AwesomeTurtwig209/17 11:33AM
Is a Scanner Darkly a good movie?
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Metro2159/17 11:15AM
Why are most American chocolate bars so inferior to European ones?
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Metal_Gear_Link229/17 11:14AM
InstagramDirtBasedSoap49/17 10:35AM
I started watching death note againssj4supervegeta29/17 10:33AM
What if two users have each other on ignore. . .brisashi109/17 10:05AM
Amazon producing a transgender series for Prime...looks hilarious!ZiggiStardust59/17 10:04AM
*Hypnoxes furiously all over the topic*Alpha_Duck_109/17 10:01AM
Thinking about picking up "The Walking Dead" on android, or should I wait for...JessieBrown679/17 9:52AM