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I'm surprised Australia doesn't do gay marriage.Metro2911/25 3:53AM
my wii u has been blinking blue all weekend. what the f*** does it want?
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ZiggiStardust1111/25 3:15AM
KKK threaten to Kill Ferguson Protesters if they protest again!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2211/25 2:01AM
This 21 y/o Girl was arrested after her boyfriend said she Slapped Him!!! (Poll)Full Throttle811/25 1:46AM
Are you cisgendered? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei11211/25 12:28AM
Google game allows users to play as Hunters who Kill Homosexuals!!! (Poll)Full Throttle711/24 11:54PM
Zeus vs Thor (Poll)Ao_Ryuu54711/24 11:52PM
I think I may have a sleep disorder (Closed)SILENTGHOSTS96211/24 11:41PM
These are the Injury Pictures Darren Wilson got from Michael Brown..Is it Bad? (Poll)Full Throttle211/24 10:37PM
Live Stream of Ferguson Police ScannersCiIantro111/24 10:25PM
Watch British people make fun ourselves and our pomposity!Arctic_Sunrise111/24 10:01PM
My daughter turns two today.Stupid Pirate Guy311/24 9:40PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 599| The Sopranos (Poll)Slayer7861611/24 9:34PM
Well, that was distractingWhatPoll811/24 9:33PM
Troy Baker vs. Nolan North (Poll)FinalXemnas311/24 9:32PM
just had a redditor tell me I can't say "m8" because I'm not british
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acesxhigh1311/24 9:21PM
My wife is going to kill me, but on my way home for dinner I got a pizza..
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Melon_Master5511/24 9:12PM
Gettin preeeeetty sick of my job.
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DirtBasedSoap1711/24 9:02PM
When will Duckbear talk about Ferguson?edededdy511/24 8:36PM
Another Ferguson topic.ScooterHodunk411/24 8:35PM