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Final Scene of Star Wars Ep. IV without music (spoilers)SunWuKung42029/16 6:55AM
I just beat bubble trouble 2lnteger19/16 6:54AM
Oh damn, I had no idea, but Scotland is voting for its independence on the 18th
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Do you have dogs
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AmeliaJane16319/16 6:40AM
I love babiesYuffie36039/16 6:33AM
PotD Gun Topic
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I'm tempted to not go to my night class tomorrowAwesomeTurtwig69/16 6:13AM
If I preodered a game coming out today, will I get it today or...party_animal0799/16 6:04AM
Looking forward to watching the first two Hobbit movies in early Dec and then...raymanfan199/16 5:53AM
PC gaming topic
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TwyliteSprinkle119/16 5:26AM
What's the name of the protective thing above gallifrey?Judgmenl49/16 5:14AM
Receiver is free at Humble Store right nowVicaris19/16 4:48AM
Finally! After more than 14 years!
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TerrisUS139/16 4:40AM
cheetahs are best catNade Duck49/16 4:29AM
This White Kid went to North Korea and begged to be arrested..Now he begs Obama (Poll)
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Full Throttle529/16 4:28AM
ADS is uncomfortable alone with me in tiny chat... Help him out!Flutershy59/16 4:21AM
My alt got warned.daftalive0899/16 3:46AM
Has there ever been an Asian-american president in fiction?Lwaxana_Troi39/16 3:44AM
*Guile theme here*DeltaBladeX29/16 3:36AM
I'm downloading ubuntu to do a dual boot
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acesxhigh139/16 3:15AM