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Anyone else find it sad just how far ahead Chrome is from Firefox?VioletZer0910/20 11:34AM
Fantasy Life and Bayo 2 this Friday.Zareth410/20 11:30AM
Choose (Poll)WastelandCowboy310/20 11:25AM
Final Fantasy X was the decline of the series
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JoanOfArcade5310/20 11:24AM
Have you seen the animated film, "Millennium Actress" (Poll)FellWolf410/20 11:20AM
I think I'm addicted to drinking brake cleanerFar-Queue310/20 11:19AM
Woah Woah Woah. Whoever put this poll up should lose 3 karma!
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hotshotgames1710/20 11:15AM
Sports Discussion Topic #103: The Bunt for Ned October (Closed)
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Zeeky_Bomb50010/20 10:58AM
Help please. What's this movie I'm trying to describeMC_Zandogg810/20 10:52AM
12 AM time to listen to some new music
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acesxhigh1910/20 10:52AM
I need some help finding something.Unbridled9110/20 10:45AM
Which Game will be GOTY ? (Poll)
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yourDaddie1110/20 10:43AM
After recent events, I'm done trying to convince people of anything.
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Judgmenl1810/20 10:41AM
Do you like The Ramones? (Poll)
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ungubby2510/20 10:38AM
GameTok with Lok: Game DevelopmentLokarin210/20 10:24AM
my dog has taken a turn for the worst, will probably die.
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ZiggiStardust1410/20 10:17AM
Just played a GBA Crash Bandicoot gameJoanOfArcade410/20 10:14AM
why people old dumb people complain about hatred when scarface exists?yourDaddie510/20 10:12AM
It's time for some PotD Ginormo SwordDelicinq4610/20 10:01AM
Anyone else think that SpongeBob and Patrick are now like the guys from Biodome?HealthyLunatic210/20 10:00AM