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"Well, our machine hasn't been activating gift cards all day.You'll have toArtistScientist25/2 4:20PM
Black Ops 2 had the best zombies-Komaiko54M105/2 4:07PM
This is the greatest yell of all Time.Metro225/2 4:06PM
Is there an android app to trick websites about resolution sizeurmomishawt0465/2 4:05PM
Why did we stop adding US states after 50?Metro265/2 3:52PM
Holy hell at the defiled chalice dungeon in Bloodborne. This is ridiculous.
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Dynalo235/2 3:50PM
TV is dying.
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Judgmenl145/2 3:49PM
I get depressed whenever I see how chicks and cute animals on old tv showsZeus35/2 3:49PM
Any military duders on this board?
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Lokarin135/2 3:40PM
Why doesn't God talk to us anymore?
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Storrac435/2 3:22PM
Saw Avengers 2 Age of Ultron (spoilers and my thoughts on it)
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NachoVarga165/2 3:05PM
If Microsoft developed a peripheral to allow PS4 games to be played on Xbox One
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TheWorstPoster125/2 3:04PM
When you count back your change right in front of the customerChef_Excellence75/2 3:03PM
Ugh.... These Youtube comments....
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Krow_Incarnate125/2 2:59PM
Budget MtG deck. Thoughts?Dynalo25/2 2:32PM
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog... keyboardsLokarin15/2 2:21PM
"Thing x of y is terrible"Chef_Excellence25/2 2:12PM
is baltimore bad luck or something?
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NightMareBunny155/2 2:11PM
So...blu here.
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ArtistScientist185/2 2:09PM
help me make a video game PotD
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-Komaiko54M265/2 2:08PM