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Guys. The remade Halo 2 looks so beautiful.Dark_samus13137/28 7:57AM
This was the best Flash Game I ever found in my life.UraRenge200517/28 7:56AM
Why is the Vita not being successful like the PSP? (Poll)yourDaddie27/28 7:56AM
Why did Tales of Graces F received so low reviews compared to Xillia, SymphoniayourDaddie47/28 7:56AM
Girl problems? Gold problems? Ask the Doctor!
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Doctor Foxx217/28 7:56AM
well i just submitted a form to become a moderator
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deoxxys267/28 7:55AM
I thought Wonder Woman was supposed to look strong?
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pipebomb_phil307/28 7:54AM
What's in your wallet?
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WastelandCowboy347/28 7:54AM
would girls also be interested in men's boobs if men have boobs
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mayu780207/28 7:54AM
Game Informer and IGN give TLoU Remastered perfect 10s despite MP being offline.
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Truth_Decay297/28 7:53AM
It's not a racial slur! It's a term of endearment!
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FatalAccident157/28 7:51AM
Anyone got a free IQ test website?
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Kimbos_Egg297/28 7:48AM
So why doesn't SquarEnix remake FF VII? (Poll)yourDaddie27/28 7:47AM
I have an opinion, I deserve to be heard. (Poll)DrPrimemaster57/28 7:46AM
Sara Jay has a perfect body
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ESMWjot257/28 7:44AM
This may be a reposts, but i think it belongs on a video game forumDazed268457/28 7:42AM
What's the story in FE8 like?
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Kr0w1Nc4rNa73137/28 7:40AM
monster hunter topic
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Ashphantom277/28 7:39AM
Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Server Problemdanger_brandon17/28 7:29AM
When you're being trained, reiterate what you're being toldSt_Kevin77/28 7:28AM