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Rate that TV SHow ~ Day 728~ Yo MTV Raps! (Poll)Slayer64/23 10:13PM
Does this make you cringe?
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Os_Mutantes124/23 10:12PM
All the people who used to draw s*** left (Closed)
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SpeeDLeemon174/23 9:57PM
Watching the movie Lucy
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AllstarSniper32204/23 9:54PM
Was the Men in Black cartoon goodJoanOfArcade44/23 9:53PM
More like MayNOnnaise.knivesX200424/23 9:48PM
how do i know if im flirting alone or if its mutual
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RedSeaisAlive144/23 9:40PM
the new windows calender/clock is terriblehelIy44/23 9:40PM
I just got an email from paypal, I think...
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Lobomoon144/23 9:38PM
ITT: You dictate what should be on my pizzaThePlasmaStorm94/23 9:31PM
You know what I hate about toys marketed towards girls?
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VioletZer0294/23 9:20PM
Tinder: the dating site for white people
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Erik_P174/23 9:16PM
This Guy says his Life is HELL after a Girl accused him of RAPE and is Suing!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle144/23 9:13PM
Would this scare you if you if you were in the same situation?AllstarSniper3294/23 9:09PM
Is Legacy of the Wizard a metroidvania?Lokarin94/23 9:01PM
I think I done just f***ed uphelIy104/23 8:58PM
Rate the PotDer - Day Sixty-One - metalconkerrr/Conker (Poll)
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SpeeDLeemon294/23 8:38PM
Tried out Hearthstone today; it's addicting as all hell
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Raganork10124/23 8:35PM
Final thought on Christianity and religion as a whole.
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VioletZer0354/23 8:34PM
i didnt like witcher 2... but i love games of that type (dark souls, skyrim etc)metalconkerrr74/23 8:34PM